Braised Pork Belly & Blue Cheese Fries 15

Pork belly, chopped bacon, blue cheese sauce, green onions and fried crunchy jalapeños.(half order $9)

Surf & Turf Tots  17

Filet mignon, shrimp, green onions, fried crunchy jalapeños, and chopped bacon with tequila ghost pepper cheese sauce.
(half order $9)

Poke Nachos 16

Yellowfin tuna, deep fried won-tons, poke sauce, sesame seeds,
green onions, and pink ginger.

Wingin’ It 15

8 crispy wings tossed in our house made strawberry sriracha sauce.

Won Ton Poppers  12

Bite size – house fried won tons filled with our cream cheese jalapeño bacon and cheddar spread.

Buffalo Chicken Tots  16

Crispy chicken, blue cheese sauce, buffalo sauce, house made garlic ranch, our pickled jalapenos, bacon, and shredded iceberg. (half order $8)

Hummus Charcuterie  12

House made jalapeño hummus surrounded by carrots, cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, and pita bread.


Crusted Seared Ahi Salad 19

Sesame crusted seared ahi, artisan greens, shaved Brussels sprouts, asparagus tips, and house made citrus dressing. 

The Wedge Hog 17

Iceberg wedge with crispy shredded pork belly, house
made garlic ranch, pickled jalapenos and carrots topped
with cilantro and onion strings.

Crab Cakes & Greens  19

Blue crab, a mixture of seasonings, panko breaded and cooked to a golden brown, with artisan greens and a vinaigrette dressing, crema and cotija.

The Venice Beach  18

Artisan greens surrounded by shrimp, filet mignon, and chicken, tomatoes, cucumbers, and finished with our house vinaigrette. (substitute or change proteins, $3)


2 tacos per order. Served with a green salad.
Choice of house vinaigrette, thousand, ranch, or blue cheese.
Sub our house seasoned fries .75 

Vegan Tacos  13

Jalapeño arugula aioli, fresh seared veggies, sweet potato, pico, add Mexican crema and cotija if you like.

Fish Tacos  17

White fish filet, house made chipotle sauce, cabbage, house made corn salsa, topped with cotija and lime.

Mediterranean Chicken Tacos  14

Seasoned chicken, garlic aioli, a mix of cucumber, tomato, red onion, pepperoncini, olives and topped with goat cheese.

Thai Shrimp Tacos  17

Deep fried beer battered shrimp, sriracha aioli, house made peanut sauce. Garnished with green onions, sweet asian slaw and cilantro.

Caprese Filet Mignon Tacos  16

House made jalapeño arugula aioli, mozzarella grated parmesan, roasted tomatoes micro greens and balsamic glaze.

Jack Fruit Tacos (VEGETARIAN)  15

Seasoned jackfruit, sriracha aioli, house made peanut sauce, sweet asian slaw, garnished with green onions and cilantro.


Choice of house fries or side salad.
Sub a cup of soup – Market Price – Ask Your server

Braised Pork Belly Sliders  15

Sriracha aioli, our house made citrus glaze, pickled ginger, fried crunchy onions, sesame seed, and micro greens.

#6 Sliders  16

Beef sliders, mozzarella, caramelized onions, balsamic glaze, confit tomato’s, house made garlic aioli, and arugula.


Choice of house fries or side salad.
Sub a cup of soup – Market Price – Ask Your server.

All American Pub Burger  17

Our pub sauce, smoked cheddar, sliced onion, tomato, house pickles and butter leaf lettuce.

The Bourbon Meat Monster  18

2 smash patties, crispy shredded pork belly, bacon, Swiss, cheddar, onion strings, IPA mustard, house made bourbon glaze on a cheddar onion bun.

Triple Cheese & Bacon Burger  (Retiring Soon)18

Rosemary aioli, Lagunitas IPA grainy mustard, smoked cheddar, Swiss, ghost pepper jack topped with a red wine fig reduction on a cheddar onion bun, bacon and pickle.

The Spicy Goat  16

Chipotle aioli, goat cheese, bacon, and jalapeño.

Turkey Burger 16

Turkey patty, garlic aioli, goat cheese, butter leaf lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, pepperoncini.

Vegan Burger  15

Jalapeno arugula aioli, confit tomato puree, jalapeño hummus, pico, on vegan bun.

Guacamole Ghost  18

Guacamole, ghost pepper cheese, cheddar cheese, lime crema, jalapeño aioli, shredded iceberg lettuce, and our house made corn salsa.

The Bourbon Meat Monster


Choice of house fries or side salad.
Sub a cup of soup – Market Price – Ask Your server.
(*except for chicken & waffles)

The Cubano  17

Braised pork belly, smoked pork loin, bacon, mayonnaise, Lagunitas IPA grainy mustard, Swiss cheese, house made pickles and sweet chili slaw on a ciabatta bun.

Chicken & Waffles  18*

Chicken and waffles topped with our house made peanut sauce, strawberry sriracha jam, slivered almonds, cilantro micro-greens, green onions and lime.

Fish & Fries  17

White fillet battered in our favorite IPA and served with our house made chipotle dipping sauce.

Crispy Chicken Sandwich  (Retiring Soon)16

Cream cheese bacon jalapeño spread, butter leaf lettuce, tomatoes, bacon strips with choice of Swiss or cheddar.

The Craft House Cheese-Steak  17

Ciabatta bun topped with jalapeño arugula aioli, Philly steak, mushrooms, pasillas, red onions, bacons, Swiss, cheddar, and confit tomatoes.

The Scooby Doo  19

Roast beef and chicken sandwich layered between 3 pieces of sourdough double stacked with Swiss, bacon, iceberg, horseradish aioli, house made pickles and jalapeños, mayo, onion and dill mustard.

Dip It  17

Ciabatta bun topped with horseradish aioli, IPA mustard, Philly steak, mushrooms, caramelized onions, Swiss cheese, served with a side of au jus.

Firecracker Chicken Sandwich  16

Our house-made chipotle aioli, our garlic ranch, ghost pepper cheese, pickled jalapeños, cabbage, and tapatio.

The Scrappy  16

Roast beef, pork loin, Swiss cheese, cabbage, red onion, dill mustard, garlic ranch, crispy jalapeños and pepperoncini, all piled on sourdough.

Vegan Chicken Sandwich  15

Plant based chicken, yellow mustard, shredded iceberg, red onion, tomato, and house made pickles on a vegan bun.



Dessert of the Day 8

Kid’s Menu

Comes with fries or salad *except kids’ Chicken & Waffles.
Sub Mac and Cheese $3.00


Kids Filet Tacos w/cheese 9

Kids Burger Sliders w/cheese 12

Chicken and Waffles* 6

Chicken Strips  11

Mac and Cheese 7

Kids Drink 1.50

Crafted and prepared by Ashlee Torres, Brandon Johnson, and Nicole Wilson.